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A site dedicated to the cultivation of carnivorous plants. 

What's Going On With Our Plants?

I have been doing a lot of volunteering at Califonia Carnivores just trying to earn more respect and trust from Peter D' Amato the author of The Savage Garden and owner of California Carnivores.

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Go see our most recent update in NEWS it will make you scream in excitement

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Axel's Corner 

Hi, I'm Axel. I've been collecting carnivorous plants for 3 and a half years. My favorite kind started with the Venus Fly Traps and after I really got a chance to learn more about these plants my favorite is now the Tropical Pitcher Plants.

Anthony's Corner

I'm Anthony. I've been collecting carnivorous plants for 3 years.  My favorite types are the Tropical Pitcher Plants, the West Australian Pitcher Plants, and the Sun Pitchers.

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